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Mining industry ore storage shed

An experienced industrial photographer brings a new creative eye to what you may consider same old, same old.

industrial photography of mineral ore shed

This shed was not on the schedule to be photographed because the client considered it just a dark and dirty location that they saw and took for granted every day. But the top to bottom slopping skylights created beautiful light and strong eye catching graphics within this image.

By carefully positioning the front end loader on the opposite side of the frame it brought the eye back from the skylight and holds it within the shot. Then one starts to discovery the richness of tones and detail in the stockpile and the cascade of material falling from the feeder at the top. It also helps to indicate the shear size of the shed and therefore the operation.

Luckily our client was happy to allot some time to show us around the whole plant and allow us to have a quick look in even the most mundane of places to his mind. By adding a little of our own lighting to help pick out the front end loader we where able to come up with a much liked shot they had not even considered workable.
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