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Mining industry ore storage shed

An experienced industrial photographer brings a new creative eye to what you may consider same old, same old.

industrial photography of mineral ore shed

This shed was not on the schedule to be photographed because the client considered it just a dark and dirty location that they saw and took for granted every day. But the top to bottom slopping skylights created beautiful light and strong eye catching graphics within this image.

By carefully positioning the front end loader on the opposite side of the frame it brought the eye back from the skylight and holds it within the shot. Then one starts to discovery the richness of tones and detail in the stockpile and the cascade of material falling from the feeder at the top. It also helps to indicate the shear size of the shed and therefore the operation.

Luckily our client was happy to allot some time to show us around the whole plant and allow us to have a quick look in even the most mundane of places to his mind. By adding a little of our own lighting to help pick out the front end loader we where able to come up with a much liked shot they had not even considered workable.

Content for your business marketing

Marketing your business to the world at next to no cost

In a journey we have just taken designing our new www.industrialphotography.biz and www.architectureshots.com websites.  It has been amazing to reflect on just how far web marketing has come from the early days of websites.
Industrial photography web pageArchitectural photography web site
For very small costs we have been able to gather together theme templates plus little extra pieces of code that together create quite an amazing, visually enriching experience.  Many of the elements to give these sites their life are small “ Snippets ” of code made available for free from some very clever and generous code building enthusiasts. There are also many ways of placing your message for all to see free of charge or for very little cost indeed.

By swapping the time needed to watch the latest series on popular TV for some research time.  You can gather the necessary elements to build a great marketing presence on the internet. Impressive, feature rich web sites for minimal cost can be built and launched by anyone willing to do a little research and use the many free or very cheap resources on offer.

There has to be a catch !  And there is.   If its easy for you, its easy for your competition. Its a very competitive world. Eventually you are going to use it for your own benefit or its going to be used in competition to you.  So if you can do it, so can everybody else. How do you ever stand out and make your message work to build your business. That can be summed up in one word CONTENT.

The CONTENT you put into any of your marketing material whether written, still images, moving images, or audio is what makes your message unique and powerful or not. Creating CONTENT unique to your business is where you will stand out from anybody else. Great CONTENT great results.

No matter how many bells and whistles you employ others can employ the same.  But showing what you or your business offers is your unique selling point.  So making sure that looks as good as you can make it is the all important ingredient.
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