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Industrial and Corporate Photography for business

After the shooting session has finished is when the service keeps on coming.
We are always surprised by how many people we find who have been left with no support after their work was delivered.
At Effective Working Image we know we can still offer valuable ongoing service to help you make the most of your investment in our work.

The days of lost images should be long gone.
Photo cataloguing page image

With digital filing and retrieval systems well advanced , we can
set up secure systems that have required images at your finger tips in moments. All images can be made searchable with your selected keywords, locations, subject matter and more. We can grant access to others you nominate with control over levels of access that suits your needs.

Special Effects and computer enhancement.
Photo retouching possibilities

From simple corrections to defying the laws of physics. The possibilities can work for you.
Here's a real life example
3 Miles off the coast , 3,000 miles from home, one guy took his helmet off during our shoot. There was no way he could hear us while manoeuvring the barge. Otherwise the shot of the barge's bridge area was what we wanted. Solution ......... add a helmet.

From Postage Stamp to Huge display.
The variety of ways to make use of good imagery are endless. At Effective Working Image we have the knowledge to tailor images for best results over a huge variety of uses.



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