Effective Working Image

Industrial and Corporate Photography for business


Video Production
Great new equipment has given us the opportunity to shoot " How To " instructional videos, corporate profiles, safety induction, introduction to our business or products videos for inclusion on Youtube, Vimeo or other websites. Or for use in trade shows or reception areas for people who previously could not afford video productions.

When you need more involved productions we can co-ordinate full scale, highly experience production crews.

Horizon car video shoot

We often work as our client's creative eye, to brief and co-ordinate with highly experienced film production units.
At Effective Working Image we often work as that creative bridge between our clients and the film production group. We make sure our clients message is best transferred to the moving image. Let us know what you want and we will put you in touch with a film production house already briefed and capable of doing great work for you. We can then also supervise on your behalf, adding our creative knowledge to the mix so you end up winning.

Graphic Design
For 30+ years we have been working for and with Graphic Designers. We know some of the best around.
Graphic design brings it all together. Message, text, images. We can help you with design ideas or better still, put you in touch with great designers who will add ideas, style and quality to your message.



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